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Aegean Airlines

Aegean Airlines

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Aegean Airlines

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  • Ciprian Dobrin23 Iulie 2019
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    let me know about the flight company is a flight company Ok but it does not answer for the lost goods nor does it seem to me that it gives attention to the people with whom it cooperates ie the luggage is lost and does not answer what is in the luggage That is very important to know for all my travels, I had to travel with AEGEAN company on Friday 19/07/2019 from London hitrow to Bucharest Otopeni with the Athens call, where I commented that the luggage should not have to travel, I worry because he will be with me in Bucharest. but when I arrived in Bucharest, my baggage was not, I waited Saturday, Sunday and Monday to get my baggage home without some of the goods as after, to hear that if I had something in my baggage I have to prove how though I had in baggage the goods and the purchase receipt in the product boxes. a total beat you will all convince at the time of the event.
  • Jasinskiy Dmitriy22 Februarie 2016
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    Good Customer Service.
  • Jasinskiy Dmitriy22 Februarie 2016
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    Good Customer Service.

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